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A Subtreasury of American Humor

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, Leonard Q. Ross, Frank R. Stockton, Sinclair Lewis, John Mosher, Edward Streeter, Dorothy Parker, Heywood Broun, Ring Lardner, George Ade, Don Marquis, Frank Moore Colby, McKelway, St. Clair, Frederic S. Cozzens, Cornelia Otis Skinner, Moffat, Donald W., Washington Irving, Orpheus C. Kerr, James Russell Lowell, Finley Peter Dunne, James M. Cain, Robert C. Benchley, Franklin P. Adams, Gibbs, Wolcott, Corey Ford, Nunnally Johnson, S. J. Perelman, Sally Benson, Booth Tarkington, Ogden Nash, Artemus Ward (Charles Farrar Browne), Benjamin Franklin, H. L. Mencken, Day, Clarence, E. E. Cummings, Russell Maloney, Geoffrey Hellman, Marc Connelly, Glen Rounds, George W. Harris, Alfred Henry Lewis, Roark Bradford, Frances Warfield, Morris Bishop, Oliver Herford, Will Cuppy, Clifton Fadiman, Nathan, George Jean, E. J. Kahn Jr., John McNulty, H. C. Bunner, Louis Untermeyer, Irwin Edman, Stephen Vincent Benét, Carolyn Wells, David McCord, Guiterman, Arthur, Taylor, Bert Leston, Richard Lockridge, Ruth Ann McKinney, William Saroyan, Ludwig Bemelmans, Mark Twain, James Thurber, Ambrose Bierce, Bret Harte, Joel Chandler Harris, Edgar Allan Poe, Phyllis McGinley, Alva Johnston, E. B. White, Katharine S. White, Anita Loos, Arthur Kober, Francis Steegmuller, James T. Fields, V. Petroleum Nasby, Eugene Field, Donald Ogden Stewart, Lucretia P. Hale, Clifford Orr, Nathaniel Parker Willis, Frank Sullivan, Kenneth Fearing, M, A. J. Liebling, Billings, Josh, Alexander Woolcott, Persis Greely Anderson, Sanderson Vanderbilt, Angela Cypher, Samuel Hoffenstein, Clarence Hollister Knapp, Kenneth Allan Robinson, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Lee Strout White, Joseph Mitchell, Charles Heber Clark


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