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Conan Doyle's Best Books

Doyle, A. Conan

P. F. Collier & Son produced what must be one of the best-known older editions: a three-volume set of "Conan Doyle's Best Books" which included The Sign of the Four, A Study in Scarlet, The White Company, Beyond the City and a score of short stories (mostly not Holmes). In the Collier three-volume selection of "Best Books" the running headings in Vol. I (Study) are in 2mm italics and in line with 2.5mm page numbers; those in Vol. II (Sign) are 2mm roman and are not in line with page numbers larger than 2mm. This Collier set was produced in late 1903 or early 1904. No inscribed copy has been found dated earlier than 1904 despite much inquiry. Collier's produced three issues of the "Best Books," the printing of the title pages at least becoming progressively sloppier. At least three impressions of the titlepage/Contents leaf were made: A, bright crisp impression in orange on...

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