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Ecdysis / Rebecca J. Allred -- [Damned Thing](https://openlibrary.org/works/OL20084265W) / Ambrose Bierce -- Beyond the wall / Ambrose Bierce -- Mirror's keeper / Michael Bondies -- The watcher by the threshold / John buchan -- The dying art / Glen Damien Campbell -- The yellow sign / Robert W. Chambers -- Breach / Justin Coates -- The dead smile / F. Marion Crawford -- The screaming scull / F. Marion Crawford -- The child's story / Charles Dickens -- The leather funnel / Arthur Conan Doyle -- In search of a new Wilhelm / John H. Dromey -- Leonora / Elise Forier Edie -- A game of conquest / David A. Elsensohn -- Thing in the bucket / Eric Esser -- The murdered cousin / Sheridan Le Fanu -- The grey woman / Elizabeth Gaskell -- Worth the having / Michael Paul Gonzalez -- Extraneus Invokat / Ed Grabianowski -- The three strangers / Thomas Hardy -- [Young Goodman...

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